10.20.14 #20weeks & 139 more days to go! ✂#jskfashion #halterdress
🎀 G I R L 🎀 Our sweetest friend, Amanda Devlin, made us a yummy cake that revealed what we were having. Spence was the first to find out earlier this week during the ultrasound and I wanted to wait to find out at the same time as Evie and the rest of our family! We are so excited to welcome a new baby girl in March 👑💓 Cutting into a cake to reveal this baby inside of me was exciting and literally delicious at the same time!!! Strawberry layered cake (this was the top half) with fresh strawberries and buttercream frosting 😋 Thank you so much Amanda!!! xx
20th Oct 201401:30
B O Y or G I R L !?! Evie was overjoyed to find out if she’ll be having a little sister or a little brother and we’re so excited to share the news! What do you think… 🎀 or 🎩
19th Oct 201419:46
10.18.14 My beautiful little cousin, Kalina, is getting married next month!!!!! 💕 #herecomesthebride
10.17.14 #Anthropologie has everything she wants… #likemotherlikedaughter
10.17.14 Evie waiting for Aunty Jaymi this morning with her friendly companion she named “Glob” a couple years ago. #shedressedherself #pipecleanertwistednecklace #unfoldedruffledlacesocks
10.16.14 Nous allons #France en un mois!!! ✈ … avec mon amour ❤ What are your favorite restaurants and café’s in Paris? Hotel recommendations? Merci!
10.14.14 Hot Cocoa walks 💕 #mothersanddaughters
10.15.14 A gloomy autumn morning calls for pumpkin dinner rolls! #kneadit #bebechef #fall #october #homescool
10.14.14 We like to go to the museums in the late afternoon for 3 reasons: more parking, autumn cold, and we have it almost all to ourselves!!! #beatthecrowds #balboapark #sandiego #residentsfreetuesdays #sdhm #homescool
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