07.10.14 Spence had the honor of playing with one of our favorite musicians {thanks to Scott Cunningham!} We were incredibly blessed the last handful of days getting to know the sweet Sara Groves, her 7 year old darling daughter, Ruby; and also her close friend Aaron who plays bass for her. Ruby and Evie became the best of friends this weekend. I’m sure Evie will never forget Ruby and “Mrs. Sara” because we listen to “Ruby’s mommy” in the car all the time!
14th Jul 201400:29
07.13.14 Evie learning how to loom with her friends at Calvary Costa Mesa!
13th Jul 201420:52
07.12.14 Classics. #MickeyMouse in the #AyresHotel.
07.12.14 Olivia + Evie 💞
12th Jul 201423:36
07.11.12 An adorable kids playhouse in the backyard of a home we had lunch at in Santa Clarita.
12th Jul 201422:04
07.11.14 The Heart House 💕
11th Jul 201418:42
07.10.14 I want to live in the mountains, in a log cabin…
11th Jul 201402:44
07.10.14 “Delight yourself in The Lord…” That’s all. “& He will give you the desires of your heart.” #Psalm37v4 #BenCourson
07.09.14 Evie and her friends Thatcher & Ford! We loveee @therobesons so much!!!
10th Jul 201401:41
07.09.14 That moment, when the sun shines into the chapel. 😍
10th Jul 201401:22
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